Vaginismus: The Sexual Dysfunction Causing Painful Sex for Women

Sex shouldn’t be painful. Inserting a tampon shouldn’t be painful. And despite being mildly uncomfortable, a pap smear shouldn’t be painful, either. Yet, for some women, vaginal penetration when having sex, using a tampon, or visiting the gyno is painful. We’re talking about the female sexual dysfunction, vaginismus. As one of the most under-researched and […]

Vagina Discharge: Is There A Normal?

What to expect and when to see a doctor about vaginal discharge Creamy, white, thick or sticky. As women, we’ve all raised the question at some point during our lives; is vaginal discharge normal? The good news is that vaginal discharge, or leukorrhea as it’s medically known, is perfectly normal for every woman who menstruates. […]

Vagina Changes After Childbirth

Of all the magnificent things the female body is designed to do, childbirth gains a top place on the podium. During the course of a pregnancy, the female body undergoes a major transformation as the stomach expands to allow space for the foetus to grow before entering the world via the vagina. Giving life to […]

The Truth About Birth Control And Weight Gain

Chances are you’ve heard rumours and stories of female friends experiencing weight gain as a side effect of the pill. Perhaps it’s deterred you from going on the pill yourself. What if we told you direct weight gain as a result of taking the pill is literally a big, fat myth!? As lucky creatures of […]

The Signs of Depression in Women

Depression goes far beyond having the occasional bad day. Complicated by factors related to puberty, menstruation, fertility, social pressures, and the female physiological response to stress, depression is a mental health condition that can impact many aspects of a woman’s life, including physical health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, career, social life, sex and sense of self-worth. […]

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