Squirting, aka female ejaculation, is one of the most controversial topics of female sex lives. Some women swear by it, others claim squirting to be a conspiracy, and somewhere in the middle we have some claiming ejaculation fluid as plain ol’ pee. With limited scientific data available on squirting, we aren’t getting any closer to the truth. So, we’re here to spill the tea on what we do know about squirting so you can decide for yourself.

What is squirting? Can all women squirt? And, is female ejaculation just pee? Let’s find out.

What is squirting?

For those out of the loop, squirting is the act of female ejaculation. Where a person with a vulva emits fluid from their urethra (the tube that moves urine from the bladder into the toilet bowl) in response to sexual stimulation or orgasm. The volume of ejaculate can vary, ranging from a barely noticeable spray to a gushing release of odourless, colourless, water-like fluid. And, to set the record straight: squirting differs from lubrication, the slippery substance secreted by the walls of the vagina during arousal.

Can all women squirt?

At this point we must remind you that the topic of squirting doesn’t really have a lot of scientific coverage (*collective eye roll*). So, the answer to whether all women can squirt comes with a big, fat, lingering question mark over its head. Many experts believe it’s a possibility that all women can ejaculate, however some women just don’t know how, or they haven’t reached the point in their sex lives of realising it yet. Further to that, many women may not be willing to share their experience of squirting due to that bastard of a thing called stigma.

Is female ejaculation just pee?

While one study concluded that squirting fluid is pee, we’re not jumping on that bandwagon any time soon because there were only seven women who participated in the study. Literally that’s less people than your entire friend group. This same study also found traces of prostate-specific antigens (PSA), a protein found in male sperm, in five out of the seven women.

Another theory is that the liquid emitted during female ejaculation is a mixture of pee and some form of female ejaculate. But, again, this theory weighs heavily on the presence of PSAs, which suggests the female body has capability to come, just like guys do. However, apart from the bladder there is no other gland in the female body capable of producing the amount of liquid that is released when squirting.

One thing’s for sure, there’s one helluva thick plot surrounding the make-up of squirting fluid. As long as you and your lover aren’t too squeamish or worried about getting squirt on your sheets, the benefits of squirting far outweigh any concerns over what the heck is coming out of your lady parts. Enjoy the fun and clean up later. – it really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

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