Life is unpredictable enough without having to blindly guess the date your period is going to arrive each month. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones with a regular cycle, you possibly still experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms like mood changes, acne, breast soreness and cramps to some degree. And one of the best ways to manage PMS and your period is to track your cycle with a period tracker app.

A trusty period-tracking app is every woman’s best friend. By logging your cycle, symptoms, birth control and sex life, you can identify recurring symptoms, your fertility window, your average period length, the signs your period is en route each month, and even the precise date of your next period. The science behind period apps truly is priceless when you’re a woman trying to stay on top of life’s demands.

So if period tracking apps and their premium features have you screaming with glee, check out five of the best period tracker apps available on your trusty handheld device.Myflo

MyFlo Period Tracker

MyFlo Period Tracker

If you’re the kind of person who likes to plan your life, MyFlo is your go-to period tracker. Brought to you by menstrual master Alisa Vitti, the MyFlo period app not only provides accurate predictions for your monthly cycle, but it’s also one of the only period-tracking apps to help combat symptoms based on your cycle history. Trust us, MyFlo is one health app you’ll want to let all your friends know about.


Perks of using the MyFlo app include:

  • Customised period predictions: MyFlo uses a smart algorithm to predict the date of your next period based on individual menstrual cycle data.
  • Symptom tracking: Keep a record of your monthly symptoms, including cramps, mood swings, headaches, and acne, to identify patterns.
  • Fertility tracking: MyFlo enables you to log your basal body temperature and cervical mucus to pinpoint your fertile days.
  • Customisable reminders: Set reminders for period days, ovulation, and birth control.
  • The ability to track your sex life.
  • Access to MyFlo’s community of online users for extra support.

The best app for women who need help managing PMS symptoms.Clue Period Tracker

Clue Period Tracker 

Clue Period and Ovulation Tracker

There are only so many pairs of bloody knickers that can be tossed in the trash before you get serious about tracking your menstrual cycle. So when the time arrives, type ‘Clue’ into the search bar of your app store. Based on time-relevant science, the Clue period and ovulation tracker hands out super helpful advice related to your period, ovulation, PMS symptoms, and fertile window predictions. With the Clue app, there’ll be none of that mindless running to the restroom to check your knickers for a drop of blood every hour.


The perks of using the Clue Period and Ovulation app include:

  • Period predictions: Clue’s algorithm will predict your period, so you can prep the painkillers and heat packs.
  • Symptom tracking: Log your symptoms and find ways to remedy symptoms.
  • Fertility tracking: Identify your fertile days and boost your chances of getting pregnant.
  • Customisable reminders: Need a daily alert to take your birth control pill? No problem with Clue.
  • Educational resources: Give Google a break, and source reliable info about women’s reproductive health with Clue.
  • Join a community of users to share experiences, ask questions and get support.
  • Keep your healthcare provider in the loop, and share your data with them.
  • Track a variety of menstrual products, including menstrual cups, pads, and tampons.

The best app for women wanting to track periods, ovulation and PMS.Glow Period Tracker

Glow Period Tracker

Glow Ovulation and Period Tracker

Basically a personal assistant for your menstrual cycle, the Glow period tracker helps you understand the motions of your menstrual cycle, including the day of your next period, your fertile period and the best time to conceive. Simply log your physical symptoms, sexual activity, and daily moods; then let the Glow ovulation calculator provide the low-down on your reproductive health. Whether you’re already undergoing fertility treatments or looking to do so in the future, Glow’s fertility tracking makes life that much easier.


The perks of using the Glow app include:

  • Accurate period predictions: Say goodbye to guessing when your next period is arriving.
  • Symptom tracking: Track your symptoms, including cramps, mood swings, and headaches.
  • Fertility tracking: Increase your chances of getting pregnant by identifying your fertile days.
  • Customisable birth control reminders: So you’ll never forget to take your pill again.
  • Educational resources: Learn more about your body and reproductive health in a safe online space.
  • Community Support: Share your experiences and ask questions with other Glow users.

The best app for women wanting to get pregnant in the future.Cycles Period Tracker



When you’re looking for the best period tracker app to use solo or with your significant other, swipe right on Cycles. One of the only trackers with the capability to sync up with your partner’s calendar and share data on your period days and your fertile days. Because if you’re completely honest, you know there can be major misunderstandings between you and your partner at different stages of your cycle. So, give them the best chance of understanding where you’re at, and vice versa, with Cycles. It’s the relationship saviour you never knew you needed in your life until now.


The perks of using the Cycles app include:

  • Accurate period predictions: Eliminate the guesswork of your next period date.
  • Symptom tracking: Show those cramps, headaches, and mood swings who’s boss and better understand your body.
  • Fertility tracking: If you’re trying for a baby, Cycles helps you work out the best time for sexual activity.
  • Customisable reminders: Avoid skipping the pill or being caught off-guard without period protection.
  • Educational resources: Learn more about reproductive health and your body sans the embarrassment.
  • Join a community of users to share experiences, ask questions and get support.

The best app for women wanting to share their cycle with their partner.Flo period tracker


Flo Period Tracker

Based on a survey of 225 American ob-gyns, Flo app ranked as the number one recommended app for period and cycle tracking. The Flo medical team crunches all your data to provide incredibly helpful information on ovulation predictions, cycle patterns, and personalised daily health insights. What are you waiting for? Life’s a whole lot easier with the Flo period tracker on your side.

The perks of using the Flo app include:

  • Accurate period predictions: Flo’s algorithm will predict your period with precision.
  • Symptom tracking: Keep a record of your symptoms, such as cramps, breast tenderness, and mood swings, and better understand your body.
  • Fertility tracking: If pregnancy is on the cards, identify your fertile window.
  • Personalised reminders: No surprises when it comes to the day of your period.
  • Educational resources: Learn more about women’s health and your body. Because we all know Sex Ed in school was a major letdown.

The best app for women who want the #1 period and ovulation tracker worldwide.

At the end of the day, whichever period tracking app you decide to use, remember that they’re not a medical app, and their predictions and information should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice. If ever in doubt when it comes to your reproductive health, seek help from a qualified GP or reach out to the Youly medical team in your patient portal.

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