Accessing the contraceptive pill can be a major hassle that many women struggle with. The ongoing chore of medical appointments, obtaining prescription repeats, and travelling to the pharmacy to collect the pregnancy preventing box of pills. It’s enough to lead any woman down a path of inconsistent birth control practices.

Add to the situation the increasing demands of women who are working/studying/raising a family, the stigma attached to buying birth control in person, and pharmacy accessibility for women of rural location, and we’ll think you’ll agree the pre-existing method of obtaining the contraceptive pill is outdated.

Step in; web-based birth control platforms, like Youly, that are breaking down the barriers that have previously prevented women from accessing the birth control they needed to safely engage in sex. Youly patients simply log into the online platform and answer questions about their health before remotely undergoing a medical assessment by a doctor for safe birth control approval and home delivery via mail.

The web-based service is discreet, convenient, and oh-so-easy to use. In fact, many Australian women are already skipping the pharmacy visits in lieu of convenient online contraception subscriptions.

However, is it safe to purchase the contraceptive pill online?

Web-based contraception services, like Youly, are safe for new and existing users of the pill. For new users, there is a comprehensive medical questionnaire that requires the provision of up-to-date health measurements, specifically for blood pressure which poses the highest risk for women who take the contraceptive pill. Using this information, the GP conducts a review and consult taking into consideration the patient’s current health condition. If the GP determines a potential risk associated with contraceptive pill usage, the pill will not be issued, and an in-person visit to a GP will be recommended.

If an existing patient needs a repeat for the pill and her health information and STI screening is up to date, it is completely safe for them to request a prescription repeat online.

How are the contraceptive pill risks and side effects managed when there’s no in-person relationship with a doctor?

The oral contraceptive pill is safe for most women when taken correctly. However, just like any medication, the pill comes with a set of potential risks and side effects. To manage the risks associated with the pill, our GPs review prescriptions every 12-months to ensure the correct pill is being administered should circumstances ever change.

As an added measure of support, every Youly patient creates their own profile where they can log in and chat to their prescribing doctor at any time once a prescription is issued. If a patient experiences side effects, there’s no need to arrange an in-person appointment with a doctor; they can log-in to their Youly account and speak with their GP on their terms. Feel like chatting to your GP in your pyjamas from the comfort of your couch? We are totally here for it.

Receiving the contraceptive pill in the mail sounds great in theory, but is the packaging secure? And, what happens if no one is home; will the package be left out in the sun to perish?

At Youly, all packages are express posted by Australia Post. We use tamper-evident packaging and all items are double-packed within a Youly-branded box. As for safety upon delivery, Australia Post will never leave a parcel at your property if the sender strictly requires a signature on delivery (yes, we do) or your location is considered unsafe (this includes locations not protected from the weather).

Youly Doctor, (Dr Katherine Hanks), says,
“Online providers like Youly are fantastic at helping women access contraception quickly, safely and affordably.

This service is particularly helpful for people who struggle to get to a face-to-face GP appointment, like people in rural locations and those who are time poor.

Like all medications, it is important to check that the pill is a safe and suitable choice for each patient, so Youly uses questionnaires and GP checks to ensure that it is the right choice for you.

It’s important to make sure you answer all of the questions accurately so that they can help you make the best and safest choice.”

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This blog is designed to be informative and educational. It is not intended to provide specific medical advice or replace advice from your medical practitioner.