If you’re a regular user of birth control, the thought of taking a break from the pill may have crossed your mind once or twice. As a woman who takes care of her body and wants to maintain the best, healthiest version of yourself, this is a completely normal thought. Perhaps you’ve pondered whether taking the pill causes a build-up of hormones in your body, or maybe your intuition is just telling you that your body needs a rest from the pill.

So, let’s find out. What is a birth control detox? Do you need a birth control detox? And, is there any benefit in taking a break from the pill?

What is a birth control detox?

The general idea of a birth control detox is to take a short break from the pill with the intention to “reset the body” and eliminate the “build-up of hormones” caused by the pill. Not to be confused with a birth control cleanse, the birth control detox is a short-term pause, rather than an act to prepare oneself for future pregnancy. While we’re not sure where the concept of a birth control detox stemmed, it could have something to do with the belief of drugs being toxic. Yet, there is absolutely nothing toxic about birth control.

Do you need a birth control detox?

The short answer is no. There is no medical research to support the idea of taking a break from the birth control pill. It’s completely safe for birth control to continue for as long as pregnancy protection is required, provided you’re not experiencing any nasty side effects (and if you are, speak with your doctor). The idea of a “hormone build-up” is a total misconception. The female body is designed to naturally process and eliminate hormonal birth control medications within 48-hours of ingesting them, no matter the length of time you’ve been taking them.

Is there any benefit in taking a break from the pill?

If you feel you need a break, have a chat with your doctor to discuss your options. However, there are no medical reasons for you to undertake a birth control cleanse and certainly no scientifically proven benefits. Remember, birth control hormones naturally leave the body within 48-hours, so “detoxing” from these hormones is basically impossible.

This blog is designed to be informative and educational. It is not intended to provide specific medical advice or replace advice from your medical practitioner.