Recently, we conducted some VIR (Very Important Research) into the sex lives of female-identifying Australians during the Covid-19 lockdowns of 2020. 800 straight and LGBTQI+ women anonymously revealed the details of their bonking habits so we could gather stats on how Covid-19 lockdowns affected sex, love and relationships during one of the world’s most turbulent times.

Were the single ladies more inclined to dabble in online dating? Were they willing to leave their house for sex during lockdowns? Were more sex toys flying off online shelves? Did women in relationships enjoy sex more or less? Here’s what we discovered.

It turns out 42% of women in relationships had more sex during their literal love lockdowns with 67% suggesting their relationship took a turn for the better as a result of home isolations. Next up, 63% of the single ladies admitted to feelings of loneliness due to 24/7 at-home conditions. Only 29% of Australia’s single women were willing to leave home for sex and only 18% flexed their flirt-muscles on the online dating scene since Covid-19 hit our shores.

Despite 56% of Australian women feeling less body confident compared to pre-Covid times, the reality is that those who were in a relationship fared better than those without a committed partner on standby. That could explain why:

  • 50% of women opted for self-pleasure during lockdown
  • 36% added new sex toys to their collection
  • 46% consumed more alcohol than during their pre-pandemic lifestyle
  • 37% indulged in porn as a lockdown time-filler

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