How To Reset For The Year Ahead

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Self-care

As we glide through another festive season, the onslaught of social events, work parties, and family gatherings begins to take a toll on what was already a full year. You’ve eaten your fair share of festive feasts. You’ve expertly played your part in keeping the liquor industry financially stable for another year. You’ve taken on a lobster shade of red from basking in the summer’s sun. Now it’s time to flick the switch from your holiday state of mind into a ‘new-year-new-me’ energy. And, we’re totally here for it with our top eight tips on how to reset for the year ahead.

Disconnect from tech

Give yourself a break from technology with a digital detox. That’s a no to smartphones, computers, tablets, television, and social media. Abandoning these devices will allow you to let go of the stress and anxiety of being connected all the freakin’ time. Seriously, your mind will thank you for the days of notification free living, and you’ll have extra time to focus on other things (see below).

Minimise the alcohol

Alcohol and the festive season go hand in hand. Your liver has probably worked overtime during Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and the time in between. Your body has served you well, but now it’s time to let it recover. Whether you choose to ditch alcohol altogether, or limit your consumption, you’ll welcome benefits of an improved mood, better sleep, fresher mind, and more energy – yay!

Clean up your pantry

We’re not talking about pulling out the chux and giving your pantry a once-over with the Spray n’ Wipe (although, feel free to do so if that’s what feels good for you). We’re talking about cleaning up the items in your pantry; the foods you eat. With the beginning of a new year comes the opportunity to reset your diet. Load your pantry and fridge with plenty of gorgeous wholefoods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes and healthy fats. Don’t even bother buying the junk food; if it sits in your pantry, constantly in sight, there’s a 99-percent chance you’re going to consume it. So, remove the possibility of temptation from the get-go.

Set your intentions

When was the last time you jumped into your car, ignited the engine, and pulled out of your driveway without a destination to drive to? Probably never. Because, you don’t go anywhere without having the intention to go there first. The same deal works for life. Moving forward in life involves setting clear goals and intentions. For your career, education, relationships, finances, travel, personal life; the list is endless. If you want to reset for 2022 and get ahead, take some time out to set some solid goals with an easy-to-follow action plan.

Decide what to leave behind in 2021

Let us confirm one thing here and now; future you does not need the distractions of past you. Decide what and who in your life has a purpose and flick the rest. Leave it all behind in stagnant 2021. This may seem a little harsh when it comes to the people in your life, but to be honest, if someone is dragging you down, draining your energy or making you feel anything less than awesome, they are not worth your time. It’s a total ‘if it’s not a f*ck yes, it’s a f*ck no’ mentality for us.

Set a good morning routine

A good morning routine can be lifechanging. It sets the tone for your day while offering benefits of increased focus, better productivity, reduced stress, and feeling more in control of your time. As a starting point to creating your morning routine; maintain a fixed bed and waking time, avoid hitting snooze, refrain from using your mobile device, enjoy the morning sun, exercise, meditate, and eat a nourishing breakfast. The order and time frame of your morning routine is totally dependent on what works best for you. If you find it hard to stick to your morning routine, it’s time to simplify it.

Revisit your values

12 months is a long time. With the ebb and flow of general life, a lot of changes have occurred for you over the past year. As we slide into 2022, it may be the perfect time to revisit what’s important to you now. Lay it all out on your favourite notepad. Where are you now, and where do you see yourself moving in the future. Who are you now, and who do you want to be in the future? What values are going to help get you there?

Clean out your wardrobe

We’re all guilty of a little hoarding activity every now and then, especially when it comes to our wardrobes. So, set aside a day to sort through the clothing in your wardrobe. Do you really need those denim flares at the back? Is that pair of wedges sneakers really going to make a comeback? Those neglected items collecting dust; give them a cycle in your washing machine before either donating to a local charitable organisation or selling on your fave online sales platform for a few extra bucks (that you’ll probably spend on more clothes, let’s face it).


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