How to Reset for the Year Ahead

10 Tips to stay organised As we dive into a new year, the repercussions of another busy festive season may start to take a toll on your mental and physical health. You’ve had your fun in the sun, eaten your fair share of festive feasts, and played your part in keeping the liquor industry stable […]

8 Facts About Consent That The World Needs To Know Right Now

The who, what, when and why on sexual consent  This article may be a trigger for anyone who has experienced sexual abuse. Please only continue reading if you feel you are in the right headspace. Take a step back in time to school sex ed class. You may have memories of your sex ed teacher […]

Mindfulness for Women

Wise and practical guidance to help return to the present moment As a woman, it’s common to find yourself striving for excellence in your career, health, relationships, and personal development. When you add to the mix the societal pressures of modern-day living, it’s fair to admit there are often too many balls in the air […]

A Chat with Jamie McCartney: Creator of The Great Wall of Vulva

In 2022, we interviewed Jamie McCartney, artist and creator of The Great Wall of Vulva. Read on to learn about the art installation helping women realise they are normal downstairs. Created by British artist Jamie McCartney in 2006, The Great Wall of Vulva is a large-scale art installation designed to challenge the negative, judgemental, and […]

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