Traditionally the workplace has been an environment dominated by men. Women have been made to feel like second-class citizens in workplaces where female voices are expected to carry a whisper-quiet tone, and female opinions diminished into crumbs worthy only on the communal lunchroom floor. We’re not saying every organisation practices this type of culture. But our condolences to those organisations that did, or still do. Because there is enormous power in women coming together, and now is the time to build diverse and inclusive organisations.

Gone of the days of walking on eggshells at work. Let’s learn how to empower women in the workplace. The future of business is counting on it.

Ways to empower women in the workplace

Be aware of bias

When it comes to the workplace, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is detrimental to employee wellbeing. Whether conscious or unconscious, one of the most important ways to empower women in the workplace, is to acknowledge bias exists. By simply being aware of bias in the workplace, employees can begin to change habits and reduce reliance on stereotypes and generalisations.

Let female voices be heard

The workplace scene of male voices drowning out thoughts, ideas and opinions of women has become more familiar than we’d like to admit. And often when women do speak up, they’re likely to be interrupted, ignored, or viewed negatively. This not only harms a woman’s confidence but also deprives a business of potential growth. Naturally, women and men bring different perspectives to the table. It’s the merging of these two perspectives that delivers grander ideas and solutions that will benefit a business holistically. Embrace all opinions, no matter where they initiated.

Promote flexible working conditions

Hybrid office-home business models have skyrocketed since the pandemic forced businesses to adapt into more flexible versions of their former office-centric selves. With massive advancements in technology, the business world has farewelled the need to be on-site five days of the week. By offering flexible working conditions, diversity thrives as women feel more empowered to meet the needs of their role without sacrificing family life.

Diversify your leadership teams

There’s strength in diversity, and building a leadership team featuring employees of all races, genders, backgrounds and ages is testament to this. That’s because problems aren’t solved by teams of clones. Solutions are formed via the curation of thoughts, opinions, backgrounds, and experiences of people from all walks of life. So, mix it up and be proud of a team where no two employees are identical in any form.

Worship the zero-tolerance policy

Gender-focused slurs, name-calling, harassment, and bullying have no place in a workplace. Enforcing and adhering to a zero-tolerance policy is a great way to ensure employees feel safe, supported, and protected in their work home. A safe workspace is a productive workspace.