At Youly, we’ve been planning a world-first product launch for some time.

It’s time to give a warm welcome to VaginAI, the sassiest sidekick to grace your underwear drawer!

Imagine a tiny wearable device nestled snugly in your knickers, whispering sweet nothings about your most intimate bodily functions. Except, they’re not sweet nothings; they’re real-time insights and updates from your lady parts!

Thanks to the genius of CliTech, VaginAI is an absolute game-changer for women’s sexual health. Say goodbye to awkward sniff tests and guessing games — this innovative wearable sniffs out funky odours and keeps tabs on your discharge faster than you can say “Pap smear.” Plus, it’s not just a silent observer; VaginAI chats with you in text or voice, because who says your vajayjay can’t be tech-savvy?

How does CliTech work?

Using advanced sensors and biofeedback mechanisms, CliTech operates seamlessly within underwear to offer a comprehensive understanding of physiological responses and patterns, all while maintaining comfort and discretion.

Just like the clitoris has 10,000 tiny nerve endings, CliTech’s microscopic sensors capture intricate data points including skin temperature, moisture levels, heart rate variability, and even muscular contractions. This information is processed through sophisticated algorithms leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), enabling CliTech to generate real-time analyses and personalised feedback.

Through a smartphone app, users gain access to intuitive dashboards and detailed insights into their sexual and intimate health metrics. From menstrual cycle tracking to arousal patterns and beyond, CliTech empowers women to take control of their well-being with unprecedented precision and understanding.

With VaginAI, we’re not just about tracking bodily functions.

We’re smashing taboos, shattering stigma, and boldly standing against those who say women’s health should be kept hush-hush. It’s time to reclaim our bodies, our voices, and our right to feel freaking fantastic!

We’ve poured our hearts, souls, and enough coffee to fill a bathtub into creating VaginAI, and let us tell you, the buzz is electric! We’re not just launching a product; we’re launching a revolution – one where women stand tall, speak loud, and strut their stuff with pride.

This product is for the women who were let down by sex ed, or who were shunned for expressing thoughts about normal bodily functions. It’s for the uni students struggling to look after their sexual health and the countless others who’ve felt overlooked or ignored.

So, ladies, if you’re ready to join the movement, strap in because we’re setting the stage for a future where every woman can embrace her health with confidence and pride.

Sign up now to be the first in line for VaginAI, and get ready to say hello to a whole new era of empowerment!