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Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2)
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How do I order once a doctor issues my script?

You will receive an email and sms from us with a link taking back to your profile. Once you log in, just head to the notifications tab and you will see the ability to order.

Can I speak to my doctor at any time?

Of course! If you log into your profile and head to the 'Products' tab, you will see a 'Manage Treatment' button. Click this and you'll see the ability to send a message to your doctor. If you're having any issues, just drop us a line at help@youly.com.au!

I'm due for a repeat but don't require one yet!

You can delay your repeats anytime, for as long as you wish. Head to the 'Products' tab in your profile and click the 'Manage Treatment' button, from here you'll see the ability to delay. Alternately reach out to help@youly.com.au and we'll be happy to assist!

I need a repeat but I'm not due for one yet!

Just head to the 'Products' tab of your profile and click manage treatment. You will see the ability to order a repeat.