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The Best Apps to Track Your Period in 2022

by | Feb 16, 2022 | Sexual & Reproductive Health

Life is unpredictable enough without having to blindly guess the date your period is going to arrive each month. Even if you’re one of the lucky ones with a regular cycle, you probably still experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms like mood changes, acne, breast soreness and cramps to some degree. And one of the best ways to manage PMS and period symptoms is to track your period with a period tracking app.

A trusty period tracking app is every woman’s best friend. By logging your cycle, you can identify abnormalities, recurring symptoms, when you are ovulating, timing patterns between each period, and the signs your period is en-route each month. If the benefits of a period tracking app are piquing your interest, check out five of the best apps to track your period in 2022.

MyFlo Tracker

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to plan out her life, MyFlo is your go-to period encyclopedia. Brought to you by menstrual master, Alisa Vitti, the MyFlo app not only provides accurate period date predictions, it’s also one of the only period tracking apps to help you become symptom-free through personalised advice. Trust us, MyFlo is one period tracking app you’ll want to let all your friends know about.

Clue Period and Ovulation Tracker

There are only so many pairs of bloody knickers that can be tossed in the trash before you get all proactive on the matter of period tracking. And when that time arrives, you’ll want to type ‘Clue’ into the search bar of your smartphone’s app store. Based on time-relevant science, the Clue period and ovulation tracker hands out super helpful info regarding your period, ovulation, PMS symptoms, and fertile window predictions.

Glow Ovulation and Period Tracker

A real winner of an app for women who are looking to fall pregnant in the future, Glow helps you understand your menstruation motions so you can make an informed decision about the best time for you to conceive. Simply log your physical symptoms, sexual activity, and daily moods and let the Glow ovulation calculator provide the low-down on your reproductive health.


When you’re looking for a period tracking app that’s great for solo use and with your significant other, swipe right on Cycles. Because, if you’re completely honest, you know there can be some massive misunderstandings between you and your partner at different stages of your cycle. So, give them the best chance of understanding where you’re at, and vice versa, with Cycles. It’s the relationship saviour you never knew you needed in your life, until now.

Flo Period Tracker

Based on a survey of 225 American ob-gyns, Flo Period Tracker ranked as the number one recommended app for period and cycle tracking. The Flo medical team crunches all your data to provide precise AI-based period and ovulation predictions, find patterns in your cycle, and give personalised daily health insights so you can live your best life. What are you waiting for? Life’s a whole lot easier with Flo period tracker on your side.


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