Let’s Talk, Period. is the podcast for people who want real talk, raw stories and reputable information, where we smash taboos and break down stigmas when it comes to your health and wellbeing! Hosted by Isabella Gosling, she dives into all things periods, reproductive health, sexual health, wellness and chats with thought leaders within the health space. The vision behind Let’s Talk, Period. is to empower the LTP community to take action and make informed decisions when it comes to all aspects of their health, whether they are managing a chronic health condition or not and use tools learned from the show to improve their own quality of life, so they’re not just surviving, but thriving!

Hosted by Isabella Gosling, an endometriosis and adenomyosis sufferer herself, Isabella holds the space for others to share openly, whilst also having cultivated a community online. After her diagnosis in 2015 and not knowing where to go for information, Isabella didn’t want anyone else to feel this way and created a platform for others to be supported and empowered, and provide health and wellness information in an accessible way. The podcast has gone from strength to strength and now in its third season, Let’s Talk, Period. is so much more than a podcast, and now a whole community.

Dive into conversations from people such as Bridget Hustwaite from @endogram and Triple J, Psychosexologist Chantelle Otten, Rochelle Courtenay founder of Share the Dignity, Kristy Chong founder and CEO of Modibodi and Georgia Stuart from The Endo Journal.

New Let’s Talk, Period. episodes are released every Wednesday. You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. 

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