We’re shouting ‘herpes’ from the rooftops, because there is too much psychological stigma attached to this sexually transmitted infection. Call it naivety. Call it misunderstanding. Call it a lack of education. Whatever the reasoning, it’s time to clear up the misconceptions surrounding herpes and bring the facts to light. After all, with an estimated three-quarters of Australian adults being infected with HSV-1 and one in ten adults with HSV-2, herpes stands as one of the most common STIs in Australia.

We’ve written a variety of blogs and guides around herpes and have wrapped them all up into one neat post for you!

  • Herpes Treatment Options
  • What Is a Cold Sore?
  • What Are the Causes and Symptoms of Cold Sores?
  • How to Get Rid of Cold Sores
  • 7 Herpes Myths To Stop Worrying About
  • How to Discuss Herpes with Your Sexual Partner
  • How To Have Sex With Herpes, Safely
  • Can Cold Sores Cause Genital Herpes?

Not sure if you have Herpes? The below blogs discuss various symptoms – one being (you guessed it), herpes!

  • Why Is My Vagina Itchy?
  • 8 Vulva Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore
  • Everything You Need To Know About Oral Sex and STIs
  • 6 Reasons Your Vagina Could Be Sore After Sex

It’s time to normalise HERPES!

This blog is designed to be informative and educational. It is not intended to provide specific medical advice or replace advice from your medical practitioner.