The 12 Days Of Sexmas

by | Dec 14, 2021 | Self-care

The countdown to Christmas is on and we’re here to spread some holiday cheer. Because whether you’ve been naughty or nice, everybody deserves a little fun and flirty sexual attention to round out another chaotic year. So, we’re sharing our juiciest Christmas sex positions, sex toys and sex tips to get you through to the other side. Consider it our version of a kinky adult advent calendar.

On the first day of Christmas: Be your own true love. Treat yourself and release some tension before entering the thick of festivities. This G-Spot and Clitoral Stimulator literally covers all bases for solo fun. Because, you can’t get into the spirit of giving, if you haven’t’ pleased your own needs first.

On the second day of Christmas: Take care of your birth control plan by ensuring your Youly subscription is set up. Tis the season of immaculate conceptions, after all. And, if the Christmas parties (or, after-parties) land you in some spirited situations, Santa’s won’t be the only sleigh delivering gifts this holiday season. Our same-day morning after pill service has your emergency contraception covered.

On the third day of Christmas: It’s one thing to kiss under the mistletoe, but if you want to push the risky innuendo this Christmas, the Jingle Bells sex position will have you jingling all the way. Have your lover lie on a chair, bed, desk, or printer as you sit on top facing away to allow them to reach over and jingle your bells as they thrust from behind.

On the fourth day of Christmas: Ring in the festivities when you surprise your man with the world’s number one couples vibrator aka We-Vibe wearable vibrating cock ring. Crafted from smooth silicone and designed to fit beneath clothing, or with none at all. The two of you can experiment with ten vibration modes in discreet public play, or in private to experience a different meaning of a white Christmas.

On the fifth day of Christmas: The Stocking Stuffer sex position sees both lovers shagging upright against a mantle or wall. As the woman places both legs around the man’s hips, she’ll enjoy hard thrusts as he proceeds to *ahem* stuff her.

On the sixth day of Christmas: If all you want for Christmas this year is his package, Frisky Rudolph is the sex position for you. Get down on all fours as your partner enters from behind to reach your g-spot. If you’re into a little kink, take this one step further by having your man engage in a little whip play, provided boundaries have been set in advance.

On the seventh day of Christmas: For sex that’s on Christmas theme, this peppermint flavoured lubricant will have you and your festive fling coming to the flavour of candy cane. With its extra tingling effect, minty flavoured lube is great for oral, vaginal and anal play – whichever way you swing.

On the eight day of Christmas: Tis the season for a quickie! So, when looking for a sex position that’s easy to slip away and perform during events, Deck The Halls is it. Executed best when wearing a dress or skirt, seductively slip off your underwear as your partner embraces you against a wall. Keep one leg on the ground for stability. The other leg will wrap around the body of your lover to allow for deeper penetration and a quicker orgasm, should you hear a potential intruder approaching.

On the ninth day of Christmas: Tell Santa what you want, what you really, really want via a sexy whisper in the ear amidst a Christmas roleplaying romp. Try this saucy bra and G-string for yourself. And, these cosy velvet trunks should send you frolicking into your sexy Santa’s lap quicker than you can say “Ho, ho, ho”.

On the tenth day of Christmas: Take that rocking from around the Christmas tree to your bedroom for some solo play before the holiday season turns too crazy. This six-piece sex toy kit includes everything you need for a good time, including a lifelike dildo, g-spot vibe, and mini wand. Use them separately or together. But, for the love of Santa, make sure you’re prepped with plenty of water-based lube on standby.

On the eleventh day of Christmas: The Nutcracker is a sex position for those who like it rough. Have your man lying on his back with his knees bent and feet planted on the bed. Once he’s set, position yourself on top as you guide his penis into your vagina and begin bouncing in and out. Start slowly and increase the speed until you find a rhythm that beats you both to climax.

On the twelfth day of Christmas: Give the gift of orgasm when you engage in the sexual fun of Kinky Santa. Have your partner dress as sexy Santa while you take the lead in festive lingerie. You’ll need an eye mask, hand cuffs, and any toys that tickle your fancy (whips, paddles, ticklers etc.). Before you start, remember to set your boundaries and establish a safe word. Once terms are agreed, the submissive must lie down on the bed and have the dominant secure their wrists as they partake in a little flirty fun.


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