Women’s Health Trends 2022

by | Jan 20, 2022 | Lifestyle & Fitness

Over the past two years we’ve truly flicked the switch on how we approach health, fitness, and life in general. As changes caused by the pandemic snowballed beyond our expectations, the importance of maintaining healthy habits skyrocketed to the forefront of our minds. So, as you brace yourself for a new year, praying it’ll be less chaotic than the last, kickstart your ‘new year new me’ metabolism with these women’s health trends 2022.

At-home fitness

As gyms across the nation were forced into closure during the pandemic, there were only two choices when it came to getting your exercise fix: train in the park, or train at home. With the latter being a more reliable location, the virtual fitness world really started to gain momentum in 2021. And guess what; it hasn’t stopped. In 2022 we predict virtual at-home fitness classes, like Sweat by Kayla Itsines, Peloton and Alo Moves, being huge hits amongst Australian women.

Sexual wellness

2022 is the year to say ‘Seeya later’ to sexual taboo and feeling embarrassed or ashamed about your sex life. This year we see women stepping into empowerment and flourishing in their individual sexual identities while removing judgement surrounding other women and their sexual journeys. How is this going to happen? Through online education, sexual therapy sessions, workshops, podcasts, and women’s groups where women are encouraged to share their stories and wisdom. Looking for a place to start? Juliet Allen is your gal!

Mindful drinking

With the festive season behind us, we foresee many women shifting their drinking habits towards mindful drinking in 2022. Because maintaining a social life is hella awesome. But the hangovers can definitely stay behind in 2021. Whether you decide to mindfully decrease your rocket-fuel intake or indulge in the highly gluggable (yep, that’s a word now) world of non-alcoholic spirits, wines, and beers, turning down the alcoholic notch is going to have you feeling a lot fresher in 2022. Commence your non-alcoholic journey with Seedlips, Lyres, Upflow and Non.

Sleep gadgets

Sleep is a cornerstone of good health that we predict to boom during 2022. Traditionally, sleeping is a minimal task. All that’s required is a bed, pillow, bed linen, and one drowsy version of yourself. Then you close your eyes and hope for the best. Some nights you score a decent 8-hours of sleep, while others you’re the victim of six disrupted attempts at rest. Why risk a bad night’s sleep when sleep gadgets can support you into a 7-9-hour dream-state every night of the week? We’re talking about sunrise simulator alarm clocks, temperature sleep mats, pillow mists, REMedy light blocking masks, noise cancelling ear plugs, air purifiers and sleep trackers.

Interactive strength training

In 2022, workout on your terms via the means of interactive strength training with NordicTrack’s Vault. A human-sized powerhouse of a fitness gadget, the Vault provides personalised mirror-styled workouts that allow you to match your form with the iFit trainer on the screen. Oh, and did we mention all the gear you need for each session is packaged in an ultra-modern, almost-flat 61.5 inch screen? The Vault is freaking futuristic and Aussie women are bound to bloody love it.

Online health care

One of the biggest movements to stem from the pandemic is that of online health care. Yep, you read correctly; sourcing treatments for contraception, sexually transmitted infections, sleep problems, cold sores, and acne via an online health care platform for safe delivery to your mailbox. With a team of professional doctors on standby, Youly is one of the first online health care providers available to Australian women. You heard it here, first.


Here at Youly we are committed to women getting the best out of every moment. Love yourself!

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